China Quick-Fix is a social and artistic research project that explores the phenomenon of the ‘quick-fixes’ that can be seen widely on the streets and in homes across China. It consists of a photographic archive, some of which is available on the project’s blog, exhibitions, talks and a forthcoming publication. Together, these offer a unique and holistic way of viewing contemporary Chinese society that jumps across fields connecting documentary photography to craft techniques, generational politics, decision making processes, the status of public space, wealth distribution and recycling, to name but a few of the directions this project shoots out in.

The general tone of China Quick-Fix is sympathetic to both the quick-fixes and those who perform them whilst not forgetting the reasons that necessitate them in the first place. It makes visible a hugely creative side of the culture that is normally sidelined and also provides a ground level view of China during its current period of rapid urbanisation and modernisation. Rather than automatically rejecting these improvised solutions, it looks at their deeper logic and asks whether the quick-fix could be considered the contemporary Chinese modus operandi.

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