June 6-15

The Tour of All Tours Xintiandi Fringe Festival Shanghai

June 25-26

Shenyang International Performance Art and Music Festival

July 09

The Tour of All Tours Xiamen (work in progress)

July 31

Waylosing London

August 13

Allenheads Contemporary Arts As Above so Below Performance

September 6

China Quick-Fix (Talk/show with Q&A) Marlborough Theatre Brighton

China Quick Fix

This talk explores the phenomenon of the ‘quick-fixes’ that can be seen widely on the streets and in homes across China. These seemingly spontaneous and insignificant quick- fixes, when viewed as a whole, offer a unique way of viewing contemporary Chinese society itself. This talk introduces and explores some of the sizable photographic archive of quick-fixes Aitchison has collected and in doing so jumps across fields connecting documentary photography to craft techniques, generational politics, decision making processes, the status of public space, wealth distribution and recycling, to name but a few of the directions it shoots out in. It provides a ground level view of China during its current period of rapid urbanisation and modernisation and considers the quick-fix as the contemporary Chinese modus operandi. Rather than seeing them as a negative thing, however, this body of work communicates some of the creativity that can be found in quick-fixes, whilst not forgetting the reasons that require them in the first place.

China Quick Fix Blog


Aitchison will lead a group on a Waylosing tour around London, the purpose of the tour being to better understand and appreciate the poetics of getting lost. This tour will involve significant walking as well as discussion. Stops will be included. Due to the nature of the tour, the route is completely open as one of its objectives is to get everybody as lost as possible.

Reservation: by email

The Tour of All Tours

The Tour of All Tours sees Aitchison assume the role of conceptual tour guide offering a guided tour of guided tours: a critical and sideways tour of the tourism industry itself and of all the varied forms of tours on offer in any given location.

Aitchison reforms the guided tour into an engaging and truly unique medium for art”

Full article: Time Out Beijing.

The London Tour of All Tours video. Also on Youku

The next tour performance is currently being researched and rehearsed in the fashionable  Shanghai neighbourhood of Xintiandi. The tour will not be about designer shopping and over-priced coffee, however. This performance will take in China’s most populous city as a whole and compare how it would like to present itself with how it actually welcomes the visitor.

A second tour performance is also currently being researched in Xiamen, one of China’s most popular tourist destinations. The progress can be seen on the project blog which features a number of reviews of tours in and around the city.

As Above So Below

Aitchison has been working as an artist in residence with Allenheads Contemporary Arts to create a newly commissioned performance. The new work, looking at connectivity and globalisation in a small rural village, will be shown on August the 13th, the first day of the Grouse Shoot, a very important part of the Allenheads calendar. 


The Emancipated Tourist a paper on the subject of reimagining tourism through art is currently available to view and comment upon.

The Tour of All Tours blog remains very active with a number of recent reviews of Australian, Taiwanese and Chinese tours.