September 19-21

The Tour of All Tours ‘The Alternative Tour’ Inside Out Festival South Dorset Ridgeway

October 11

The Tour of All Tours Beijing

October 24-26

The Tour of All Tours ICIA Bath

October 28

The Tour of All Tours London

November 12-16

The Customer Is Always Wrong COART Lijiang

November on demand

The Tour of All Tours Beijing

The Tour of All Tours

The Tour of All Tours sees Bill assume the role of conceptual tour guide offering a guided tour of guided tours: a critical and sideways tour of the tourism industry itself and of all the varied forms of tours on offer in any given location.

Aitchison reforms the guided tour into an engaging and truly unique medium for art”

Full article: Time Out Beijing.

The Tour of All Tours has a very active blog where tours are reviewed and thinking on art and tourism is shared: BLOG

Beijing 11th October 2PM duration 90 minutes

Meeting Point Bookworm

Cost 100RMB

London 28th October 7PM duration 100 minutes

Meeting Point Outside Richmix

Cost £8

The London and Beijing tours are booked directly with Bill Aitchison Company and these tours are also available as private tours on demand. Contact for rates and availability.

Way Losing: A Guide to Getting Lost

This is a new work which will involve leading a group of people in an attempt to get lost. Both a practical experiment in getting lost and a reflection on the meaning and poetics of losing ones way, this is a somewhat open-ended day. The starting point is known, the end point unknown and only arrived at through the process of letting go and being subsumed into the city.

Way Losing is a new commission from Still Walking.

The Customer Is Always Wrong

These performances of the bilingual Mandarin & Chinglish travelogue and complaint against Air France / KLM, who have the worst customer service in the world, will be given in the outdoor stages of Lijiang. A number of discussions will accompany the performances.


Bill has contributed an article to the current issue of Seismopolite: A Journal of Art and Politics on the theme of writing, censorship and conspiracy theories in China.

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