March 21-22

Standard Alert screening ProxyAct International Short Film Festival London

May 16-18

The Tour of All Tours Art Amoy offsite project Xiamen

June 11

The Tour of All Tours London

June 20

The Tour of All Tours (talk) Performing Place Symposium Chichester University

July 02-12

The Tour of All Tours Over het Ij Festival Amsterdam

August 24-29

The Tour of All Tours Edinburgh

October 8-11

The Tour of All Tours Performing Mobilities Melbourne - performances and talk

The Tour of All Tours

The Tour of All Tours sees Aitchison assume the role of conceptual tour guide offering a guided tour of guided tours: a critical and sideways tour of the tourism industry itself and of all the varied forms of tours on offer in any given location.

Aitchison reforms the guided tour into an engaging and truly unique medium for art”

Full article: Time Out Beijing.

The London Tour of All Tours video. Also on Youku

The London tour is booked directly with Bill Aitchison Company and is also available as a private tour on demand. Contact for rates and availability.

11 June 7PM starting point outside Richmix £8

Video of the Bath Tour of All Tours

A video interview has also recently been made available where Aitchison talks about the process of making The Tour of All Tours.

Psy-Ops Sound Lab

This is a new collaborative project that has recently been awarded its first funding by the Centre for Contemporary Theatre, Birkbeck College University of London. The objective of POSL is to conduct experiments in the use of sound to influence people and then give talks / concerts showing and enacting these experiments. This will be initially conducted in Berlin and London in Spring/Summer 2015 with the collaboration of Elo Masing and James Dunn.


There is an extended interview with Bill on the current Talking Walking website.


An article of Aitchison’s features in the December 2014 issue of Felt Acts on the theme of Approaching Documentation. In this he describes how his relationship to documentation gas evolved and how performances of his have both depart from and approach documentation.

Aitchison has contributed an article to the current issue of Seismopolite: A Journal of Art and Politics on the theme of writing, censorship and conspiracy theories in China.

The Tour of All Tours blog remains very active and a number of reviews of tours in China have been republished by Panda Guides.