Stuck in the Middle With You

Stuck in the Middle With You was a performance commissioned by Allenheads Contemporary Arts for the programme, As Above So Below. It was a monologue, with sound accompaniment, that took in the global connectivity of what is on the face of it the isolated mountain village of Allenheads in Northen England. It was written over two residencies in the village and it takes in everything from Brexit to dinosaurs, the Royal Family and grey squirrels.


I thought Bill Aitchison’s Stuck In The Middle With You was brilliant. The recording of his performance was positioned in the spot where the original delivery took place during the summer – the view on the screen and out through the window was the same, just browner outside now.


Listening to Bill make connections, set up a scenario only to knock it down became mesmerizing and addictive, I was swept away.  Listen to this work at the link above.