LMLA Workshop at G Museum, Nanjing 2021

So Boring Festival (video) Nanning 2021

China Quick-Fix featured in Harpers Bazaar 2021 (China edition)

Coming Next

10 March – 21 March


MUU Contemporary Art Centre, Helsinki, Finland

Group exhibition of performance art self-photography.

27 March

International Whisky Theatre Day 

LMLA, Shanghai

Aitchison will lead a workshop on redux performance in the afternoon and in the evening give a performance of the early years of VINYL among other shows given by participating artists.

05 April

Quick-Fix Tour 

Shapowei, Xiamen.

A guided tour of the area in which you will be encouraged and shown how to recognize and take pictures of quick-fixes. Email for booking.

17 April – 24th April – 1st May

Online Workshop: Research into Performance

CCCD Hong Kong / online

A workshop, spread over three weeks, that focuses on how to research a topic online and then turn what you find into dynamic action.

01 May

Under The Bed Sale

Chinese European Art Centre, Xiamen

Over ten artist will participate in this public auction in which they will introduce their artwork before bidding commences. Aitchison will not only have a work for sale but will also host the event as auctioneer.