The Return of the Repressed LMLA @ Aranya Theatre Festival 2021

Early Retirement @ Aranya Theatre Festival 2021

China Quick-Fix featured in Harpers Bazaar 2021 (China edition)

Coming Next

Shadow Casters 20th Anniversary Festival

Bill will be participating in the online festival that marks 20 years since the first emergence of the experimental multi-media group Shadow Casters in Zagreb.

17-18 December online / offline

Earth Stations

Bill will be acting as an artistic mentor in the second round of Earth Stations, an online/offline initiative that selected five innovative performing arts projects from the Balkans.

18-20 December online

The Ugly Duckling

Bill will be performing the lead role in a contemporary adaptation of the classic story in a production made by TPO (Italy) and presented by TONG (China)

Beijing 25-26 December

Site-Specific Performance Workshop

This six-day full-time workshop will take place over a range of indoor and outdoor locations in Xiamen and look at how these sites may be used to create solo and group performances made by the participants under the guidance of Aitchison.

Xiamen 10-15 January

6 – 9 September